Social Media Addiction

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Social Media Addiction by Mind Map: Social Media Addiction

1. Signs and Symptoms of Social Media Addiction

1.1. Social media is the first thing you do in the morning.

1.2. You waste your time looking at nonsense and procrastinate.

1.3. You checked in everywhere you go.

1.4. You check notifications all the time.

1.5. You only want to contact and talk to your friends via social media.

1.6. You constantly monitor the “likes” and “shares” you receive.

1.7. Craving for internet connection.

1.8. You take photos of almost everything.

1.9. Social media becomes part of your life.

1.10. Checking social media is the first thing you do whenever you are free.

2. Other Mental Symptoms of Social Media Addictions

2.1. Experiencing Less Satisfaction and Hence, Less Happiness

2.2. It Can Promote Jealousy

2.3. It Raises Your Anxiety Level and Affects Your Overall Well-being

3. What Causes Social Media Addiction?

3.1. How Social Media Addiction Affects Your Life

3.2. Cyberbullying

3.3. Distraction and Drop In Productivity

3.4. Fatigue and Stress

3.5. Peer Pressure and The Desire To Compare

3.6. Other Related Health Issue

4. How to Cure Social Media Addiction

4.1. Get Rid of Notifications

4.2. Limit Your Time Spent On Social Media

4.3. Delete the Apps

4.4. Make Yourself Busy

4.5. Restrict Your Time Spent on Social Media Through Apps

4.6. Create Your Own Reward System

4.7. Disconnect and Unplug Yourself

4.8. Never Bring Your Smartphone Into Your Bedroom

4.9. Get An Accountability Partner

4.10. Do a Self-reflection Every Week