Who is Little Duck?

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Who is Little Duck? by Mind Map: Who is Little Duck?

1. How old are they?

1.1. This will help to determine who we appeal to. I think it needs to be a broad audience obviously, so this may only be for internal purposes. The main duck may be ageless really.

2. Where were they born?

2.1. Parents? What were they like?

3. What are they scared of?

3.1. Are these things that art therapy can help you with?

4. What do they love?

4.1. These are things you can do at Little Duck Gallery Perhaps?

4.1.1. Painting

4.1.2. Dancing

4.1.3. Meditating

4.1.4. Yoga?

4.1.5. Art Therapy

4.1.6. Having Friends For Dinner (Dinner experiences)

5. What is their favourite food?

6. What other characters are they like?

6.1. Olivia The Pig?

6.2. Clifford the Big Red Dog?

6.3. Jonathon Livingston Seagull

7. How many siblings

7.1. These are part of the duck family with the Black Duck being the "Leader"

7.2. Mindful Duck

7.3. Exercise Duck

7.4. Diet Duck

7.5. Sleepy Duck

8. Where do they live?

8.1. The gallery?

8.2. The pond

8.3. The city

8.4. Maybe its home is at the castle right now but it talks about moving soon

9. What's their job?

9.1. Are they an art therapist?

9.2. An artist?

9.3. A true believer in Everyone is Creative?

10. What does it sound like

10.1. I think it just quacks, and has thought/speech bubbles. That way we avoid gender and also make it easy to look at without sound