Personal Biography Discovery Map

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Personal Biography Discovery Map by Mind Map: Personal Biography Discovery Map

1. Teenage You

1.1. What High school did you attend?

1.1.1. Search Facebook for your High School site. Bookmark or save the URL

1.1.2. And Find some memories

1.2. What was your favourite music/song/band?

1.2.1. Search Youtube for your last year at school to find the soundtracks of your youth. Bookmark (or save) the URL of this page

1.3. Who was your high school sweetheart?

1.4. What was your proudest/most embarrassing experience at high school?


2. Publishing Your Personal Biography

2.1. Set Up Teachable Account

2.2. Setup School

2.3. Setup Course #1

2.3.1. Course Title Course #1

2.3.2. Course Subtitle Everything About me

2.3.3. Select Author Add new Author

2.3.4. Author Peter Carruthers

2.4. Setup Curriculum

2.4.1. Setup Sections Me Growing Up Me Since Then

2.4.2. Setup Lectures Fill Lectures with Your Content Links Pictures Videos Words Embeds

3. About Your Coming Course Publishing Skill

3.1. You can co-author with someone who has a great course, but knows not how to publish it.

4. Your turn

4.1. Do the exercises above

4.2. Gather these few bits of your autobiography (life story)

4.3. This will teach you the basics of research using the web

4.4. The next Map will show you how to convert this research into a real course (which nobody else need see)

4.4.1. This will be a short course about you.

4.4.2. It will teach you every facet of creating and publishing a course.

4.4.3. As for this course, you don't need to share the content with anyone else.

4.5. And then we can start to produce a course that will earn real money for you.

5. Since Then

5.1. What flow has your life taken?

5.1.1. University/College

5.1.2. Relationships? Parents Partners Divorce? Children Joys Pains

5.1.3. Health? Accidents Acute Diseases Chronic Diseases Sports Wins Losses

5.1.4. Wealth? Education? Job? Own Business? Bankruptcy? Riches? Struggling? Ups Downs

5.1.5. Hobbies/Interests

5.1.6. Write one of your life-stories here This one of mine, as an example, is 507 words

6. Early You

6.1. Born in Claremont

6.1.1. Go to Wikipedia and look up that town. Bookmark or save the URL Wikipedia Photos and Videos are free to use

6.1.2. Go to Google Maps and find your first home Bookmark or save the URL

6.2. What was your first school?

6.2.1. Search Google for your school website. Bookmark or save the URL

6.3. What memory from this time stands out?

6.3.1. Write this here & keep a copy safe

6.3.2. Others Dogs Burning Dads Horses Cape Cobra Burning Milnerton Never carry wet fish in paper bag Moms Car Jame's Beetle Mom 2018...