organ chip

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organ chip by Mind Map: organ chip

1. higher taxes higher cost of medical insurace/care

2. revolutinize medicine

3. very vital for health system because degenerative disease very hard to cure

4. works like a regular blood vessel with all of its functions such as :clotting

5. skin, body, liver chips

6. reduce animal testing in the future

7. make world a better place

8. give Dr's and nurses better and different job opportunites in the hospitals/offices...

9. Neuron chip

10. vessel chip

11. personalized medicine

12. replace drug therapy

13. lego like system

14. plug and play

15. nano technology

16. inject genetic load

17. into cells

18. changes structure/function

19. 98% effective

20. 3d organ chip

21. fertility

22. challenge making human tissues/organs

23. mimicks menstruation

24. connecting them

25. organ chips lungs, heart ,kidneys,brain

26. greater longevity

27. liver organ chip is$ 22,000

28. chip carries DNA/RNA

29. to repair injury

30. speed up drug testing

31. evatar

32. for reproductive system