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1. Product (formative)

1.1. -Mastery of learning objectives -Only the best work

2. Process (summative)

2.1. -Stages in learning (documents all facets or phases) (assertive work and mistakes) -Progressive record of knowledge -identify learning goals -how integrate knowledge or skills and progress towards mastery.

3. shows accomplishment of specific instructional goals or objectives (Coombe 2007).

3.1. systematic collection of student work and related material that depicts SS activities, accomplishments, and achievements in a subject (Venn, 2000).

4. Teacher Purpose

4.1. pay attention to the process of learning to assess the students’ abilities, skills and knowledge to accurately evaluate whether or not their teaching is preparing the students for the real world. (Valencia, 1990)

5. Students Purposes

5.1. - promote their self-evaluation, reflection, and critical thinking - discuss learning goals -cooperative learning activities, peer evaluation and tutoring, cooperative learning groups, and peer conferencing. -providing a process for structuring learning in stages.

6. How to Develop ?

6.1. Organization and Planning

6.1.1. Ss understand the purpose and its status as a means of monitoring and evaluating their own progress.

6.2. Collection

6.2.1. The selection and collection of artifacts and products should be based on the learning objective (meaningful).

6.3. Reflection

6.3.1. Ss' cognitive reflections upon the learning process and their monitoring of their evolving comprehension of key knowledge and skills

7. Assessment (Ts Scoring strategies)

7.1. Thoughtfulness: Ss' monitoring of their own comprehension, cognitive reflection, and productive habits of mind

7.2. Growth and development toward curriculum expectation and learning goals.

7.3. Diversity of entries; use of multiple formats to demonstrate achievement of designated performance standards.