Student's portfolio==> Language Classroom

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Student's portfolio==> Language Classroom by Mind Map: Student's portfolio==> Language Classroom

1. ------------------------------------- Lesson Title: Lesson Duration: --------------------------------------

2. Purposes

2.1. Self directing learning

2.2. Enlarge the view of what is learned

2.3. fostering learning about learning

2.4. Demonstrating progress

2.5. Intersection for instruction and assessment.

2.6. Providing a way for students to value themselves as learners

2.7. Offering opportunities for peer-supported growth.

3. Characteristics

3.1. Formative and summative assessment.

3.2. Multidimensional

3.3. Collaborative reflection, problem-solving and decision-making.

3.4. outcomes expected to learn

3.5. Performance-based learning experiences as well as their acquisition of key nowledge, skills and attitudes.

3.6. students participation: content, guidelines for selection, criteria and reflection

4. How to develop a portfolio

4.1. 1. Organization an planning

4.2. 2. Collection

4.3. 3. Reflection

5. Scoring scheme

5.1. Tools

6. Two main types

6.1. Process = stages of learning

6.2. Product= best work

7. Portfolio Assessment (criteria)

7.1. Thoughtfulness

7.2. Growth and development

7.3. Understanding and application of key processes

7.4. Completeness, correctness, and appropriateness of products and processes presented in the portfolio.

7.5. Diversity of entries

8. Authenticity

8.1. experiences from the following contexts

8.1.1. real world situations

8.1.2. academic assignments and nonacademic tasks

8.1.3. in English and/or the native language of the student.

8.2. judgment

8.2.1. modes of thinking expressed in any language or work strategy that aids in the completion of a task, however unconventional these may be.

8.2.2. on the diligence exhibited in all tasks

8.2.3. on the diligence exhibited in all tasks