Impulsive decisions can lead to consequences

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Impulsive decisions can lead to consequences by Mind Map: Impulsive decisions can lead to consequences

1. characters

1.1. Gabbie

1.1.1. Gabbie thinks she saw Lise hooking up with Eli, a boy whom she'd been in love with for years and poisons Lise for revenge Lise ends up in the hospital in a coma and critical condition the police now have to get involved Gabbie's guilt consumes her

1.2. Deenie

1.2.1. feels excluded from her friends as they are more mature and into boys so she decides to hook up with Sean Lurie from her work Deenie instantly feels guilty, ultimately ruining her idea of how "special" her first time would be she dreads going back to work to see him she gets this weird uncomfortable feeling whenever she sees something that reminds her of that night

1.3. Skie

1.3.1. Convinces Gabbie that Lise hooked up with Eli purposely to cause trouble gives Gabbie the idea to get back at Lise Gabby poisons Lise compromises their friend group