Government Grants

CV's business improvements through the use of Govt grants

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Government Grants by Mind Map: Government Grants

1. Apply through Business Grant Portal (BGP)

1.1. Register for CorpPass account

2. 70% funding

3. Must have min. 30% local shareholding

4. Productivity Solutions (PSG)

4.1. Human Resource Management

4.2. Fleet Management

4.3. Sales Management

4.3.1. Accounting Management

4.4. Customer Relationship Management

4.5. Inventory Management

4.6. Get quotation from vendor

5. Enterprise Redevelopment (EDG) Enterprise Development Grant for Singapore Businesses | Overview | Enterprise Singapore

5.1. Core Capabilities

5.1.1. Business Strategy

5.1.2. Financial Management

5.1.3. Human Capital

5.1.4. Service Excellence Understanding needs Understanding decision-making process

5.1.5. Marketing Development Capture target audience Differentiating your brand and services

5.2. Innovation and Productivity

5.2.1. Automation

5.2.2. Process Redesign Improve efficiency

5.2.3. Product Development Develop innovative technology

5.3. Market Access

5.3.1. Mergers & Acquisitions Assessment of potential mergers

5.3.2. Overseas Marketing Presence (OMP) Setting up overseas presence

5.3.3. Pilot Project and Test Bedding Expansion into new geographical area/product markets by building track record

5.3.4. Standards Adoption Adopt internationally-recognised standards/certifications Increased business competitiveness locally & internationally Enhanced market access