public relations opportunities

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public relations opportunities by Mind Map: public relations opportunities

1. A good financial record and a high integrity

2. Past levels or earnings in excess of the market

3. Response to decentralization policy .

4. Taxes paid on profits, employee earnings and as sales tax and import duties.

5. flexibility and capability to adapt to change.

6. Geographical spread and coverage.

7. The need for high profits and high retained earnings .

8. lay offs

9. strike action,

10. unprofitable ares.

11. consistent divide policy

12. consistent debt ratios

13. Growth in exports

14. successful ,topnotch,alert employees and managers.

15. non financial achievements new products and processes,safteyrecordsand so on.

16. employment record length of service,few dismissals,growth in earnings.

17. highlight quality products and excellent service

18. care about long standing customer and supplier relationships.

19. attitude towards product shortage fair allocation of limited resources to selected customers.

20. Express attitude to profit making by suppliers and in group trading.