What favor will this ICO do to its investors?

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What favor will this ICO do to its investors? by Mind Map: What favor will this ICO do to its investors?

1. ICOs have a lot of advantages for the investors investing in an offering. Let’s discuss what favor will an ICO do to its investors.

1.1. ICOs are boundless: In general, an ICO is launched with global markets as the main target. A token sale in an ICO gains attraction and opens for business worldwide to increase the international base of the project. Since there are no bounds, anyone from anywhere can buy the tokens.

1.2. Decentralized System: No banks, organizations, and governing bodies can claim ownership on ICOs and thus it promotes individuality. The investors have a lot of benefits than they see on the traditional banking system and the major attraction is that the token sale can be announced from any part of the world.

1.3. ICO Mechanism is The Best: The ICO mechanism is embedded with numerous useful features. ICO coins can be divided further or consolidated and they are easy to trade (buying & selling) at cryptocurrency exchanges.

1.4. Early Purchase ICO funds are transparent and completely verified. They provide a detailed explanation of where the funds are being spent. During the initial stage of the ICO companies, early investors have more liquidity and greater chances of rapid capital rise.

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