How Might We Improve School Culture Among Staff

School Culture, Program, Leadership, Celebrating Successes, Relationships

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How Might We Improve School Culture Among Staff by Mind Map: How Might We Improve School Culture Among Staff

1. School Culture Improvement Program

1.1. Among Staff

1.1.1. Celebrate Successes Recognition Cards/Shout-Outs Save a small part of the budget for staff outings and development, such as interesting conferences, fun team-building retreats, and creativity workshops. If teachers aren’t happy, no one will be happy.

1.1.2. Relationships Monthly Team Building - off campus Trojan Buddy Groups Coffee, food, etc. with a new group of staff each quarter. These groups will be made up of a combination of classified and certified staff at various grade levels (6-8)

1.1.3. Leadership Each staff has the opportunity to serve on a committee of their choice

1.2. Between Admin and Staff

1.2.1. Communication and Collaboration Suggestion Box Tuesday Talks Encourage other to facilitate Tuesday Talks (Ex. when returning from a PD opportunity or to share information as a peer expert) Meet with teams weekly or biweekly to communicate necessary information 4-Day School Week One day reserved for collaboration between staff

1.2.2. Relationship Building Admin be present in the classrooms (outside of evaluation/observation requirements) Survey from staff to administration communicating needed supports

1.2.3. Celebrate Successes Pick two names at a staff meeting, and encourage staff members to either write a note of appreciation or make a positive comment about those selected. Last day of the week breakfast - Continue this practice as a way to relax, laugh, and celebrate the success from the week.