Italian Unification

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Italian Unification by Mind Map: Italian Unification

1. Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872)

1.1. thinker and dreamer who encouraged and inspired others to work and struggle toward the ideal of italian unity

1.2. influenced other men to achieve concrete results

1.3. was an active conspirator, an agitator, and a member of the Carbonari

2. Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882)

2.1. one of Italy's heroes and a great military leader

2.2. under the influence of Mazzini, he too an oath to fight to make Italy a united nation

2.3. his troops were called "Red Shirts"

3. Sardinian Constitution of 1848

3.1. gave more power to King Victor Emmanuel than what was available to most constitutional monarchs

3.2. in body, he was small and unimpressive, in mind he was superstitious and without a good education

3.3. to this constitutional authority added the force of his own personality

4. The War with Austria (1859)

4.1. napolean sent troops to support Sardinia

4.2. french troops and artillery pass through Turin, on their way to fight for the liberation of northern Italy from Austria

4.3. french-sardinian won important battles