The People of the Kittawapiskak River: Update Please read in numbered order.

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The People of the Kittawapiskak River: Update Please read in numbered order. by Mind Map: The People of the Kittawapiskak River: Update Please read in numbered order.

1. 1. Overview: In 2011, the First Nations People of the Kittawapiskak River, also known as the Attawapiskak Peoples, declared a state of emergency in regard to the housing crisis. There were many families who were experiencing unsafe living conditions because they were either living in tents and sheds with no running water or heat or houses that had been condemned. At the time, the Canadian government had not sent any help to the People of Attawapiskak. This mind map will serve to report on any new changes, improvements or unfulfilled promises.

2. 2. Housing Crisis: Since the housing crisis was declared in 2011 little has been done to help those in need. Since 2011, 50 new houses have been erected, however, there are still over 300 families who are living in unsafe and unsanitary living conditions and who are waiting to have a home built for them.

3. 3. Mental Health Services: Unfortunately, I have discovered that along with the continued housing crisis, this community has also faced a severe mental illness crisis. In this community, there were over 100 attempted suicides with one reported death by suicide during one winter alone. The Chief of the community reported that there were 11 suicide attempts on one Saturday night. The Canadian government did send in two mental health counsellors but they left soon after and they have since had difficulty filling the positions due to the communities severe isolation. If someone does experience a severe mental health issue, they are usually sent to a larger city where they receive treatment for a few days and then they are sent back to the community with referrals that don't exist, such as therapists.

3.1. 4. Community Centres: One way to help address the mental health crisis that the Attawapiskat community was facing was to create a youth centre with funds provided by the Canadian government. However, as of 2018, there is still no youth centre or even construction plans to build one. In fact, two community members have started using the parish to host events such as art nights. However, even though the government of Canada has not begun building the new youth centre that was promised, they have have almost finished their renovations of the old band office which in the meantime, will be the 'interim youth centre'.

4. 5. Drug Abuse: The issue of drug abuse has worsened for this First Nations community. Many people, young and old, smoke marijuana, do speed, sniff gasoline, etc. The report states that part of the cause is the fact that many of these people are very bored and feel hopeless and depressed about their situation. Right now, they are also dealing with a significant amphetamine crisis. There have been reports of a drug detox centre being developed in the area in the next few months, but considering that other promises are still not complete, there is little optimism that this facility will be a reality in the near future.

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