Integrated curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

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Integrated curriculum by Mind Map: Integrated curriculum

1. Scan and Cluster

1.1. Vertically scan subject areas’ expectations, two grades below and one above the target grade. Horizontally scan expectations across subjects of the target grade

2. Issue/Theme

2.1. Choose an appropriate issue or theme to study

3. concept web

3.1. Brainstorm activities

3.2. Organize Graphic

4. Know

4.1. Big Ideas

5. Culminating activity

5.1. Rich assessment task

6. Big Questions

6.1. Integrative thinking,Real life connections,literacy across curriculum

7. Daily Instruction Assessment

7.1. Address Big questions, formative Assessment,Align culminating task to KDB

8. Be

8.1. critical thinkers,active citizens

9. Do

9.1. communication , Inquiry ,Critical analysis