Null Session

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Null Session by Mind Map: Null Session

1. an anonymous connection to an inter-process communication network service on Windows-based computers.

2. allow connections but may be to remotely gather information about the system.

3. Attacks

3.1. Gather Windows host configuration information,

3.1.1. user IDs and share names.

3.2. Edit parts of the remote computer’s registry.

3.3. net use \\mila\ipc$ " /user:"

3.3.1. One method of connecting a NetBIOS null session to a Windows system is to use the hidden Inter-Process Communication share (IPC$).

4. Types Of Scanning

4.1. Port scanning

4.1.1. The act of systematically scanning a computer's ports. refers to the surveillance of computer ports EX: Nmap Online Port Scanner

4.2. Network scanning

4.2.1. use of a computer network to gather information regarding computing systems. to locate all the live hosts on a network (the hosts that are running). identify those systems that may be attacked later or those that may be scanned a little more closely.

4.3. Vulnerability scanning

4.3.1. used to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities on a target system. commonly done as a proactive measure with the goal of catching problems internally

5. scanning methodology

5.1. A. Checking for live system

5.2. b. Checking for open ports

5.3. c. Service identification

5.4. d. Banner grabbing/OS fingerprinting

5.5. e. Vulnerability scanning

5.6. f. Draw network diagrams of vulnerable hosts

5.7. g. Prepare proxies

5.8. h. Attack