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MotoRooms PWA by Mind Map: MotoRooms PWA

1. Design stage

1.1. - Home page - Dashboard - Accommodation search with big map - Listing (Accommodation detail page) - Profile (Rider) / (Host) - Checkout - Login - Register

1.2. Build Wireframes >

1.2.1. Work on all the remaining inner Pages

1.2.2. Maximum Usability, Simplicity for senior users of the platform. Intuitive and Smart

2. Technical basics

2.1. Goal: Have the base tech stack and infrastructure prepared

2.2. Deliverables: - GIT, CI, Staging, - Magento 2.3.2 - Vuestorefront latest - StorefrontUI in Theme 2.0 for VSF - AWS with Elastic Search - Fully configured system Estimate: 40 hours

3. Landingpage

3.1. Small side task with design up front

3.2. Update text above form fields

3.3. Update form fields

4. Developing front-end

4.1. After completion of the main page types by the design team, start implementing.

5. Install Apptha Marketplace Script

6. Developing Apptha Features into the PWA front-end

6.1. 1. General logic for the connection with the PWA 2. Home page and related features 3. Search page 4. To be defined further...

7. Deep testing and Optimisations

8. Preparing production infrastructure, load testing, regression tests

9. Cron jobs, index processes, cache management

10. SEO Optimisation

10.1. Not part of the defined scope, but might be planned at this stage in collaboration with the selected marketing agency.

11. Performance optimisation according to Pagespeed, GTmetrix, Yslow


13. STAGE 2: Google Maps Application enhancements.

13.1. Add: - Curvy roads - Accommodations on the map in the riders app - Tuning for optimal A-B-C planning