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WORK by Mind Map: WORK

1. Historical

1.1. Ancestors were named by their jobs

1.1.1. Archers, Bakers, etc.

1.2. Especific roles for people

1.2.1. women = gathering and food preparation

1.2.2. men = hunting and fishing

1.3. Status defined work activities

1.3.1. Some of the jobs were more valuable than others in some cultures Regardless of money gain

1.4. Bible

1.4.1. Ancient Hebreus view work as a punishment Result of Eve's original sin Another meaning of work

1.5. Greeks and Romans

1.5.1. View work as a curse Slaves are the ones who should do that

1.5.2. ARISTOTLE Said that work was not compatible with what a citizen should be Work was only for slaves Working for the money was unacceptable "All paid jobs degrade the mind" It was fine to work if it was done for education and society or personal needs Here can be seen how the meanings of work are being created since many years ago

1.6. Feudal societies

1.6.1. Work is performed by the lower classes They have a necessary role in society because it benefits the society in general

1.7. Catholic church

1.7.1. "Noble work" The one done by priests or different church leaders Another meaning of work

1.7.2. Work has lesser category if is for practical matters and has no relevance due to its lack of relation wit christian values

1.8. Protestant reformation

1.8.1. Work = Worthy Necessary Valuable Virtuous Is the basis and the key to life Has strong religious support

1.8.2. Recognize the equality of practical matter jobs and the one done by priests

1.8.3. Gives another meaning to work

1.9. Calvin

1.9.1. Work as an expression and evidence of Holiness WILL OF GOD

1.10. John Locke

1.10.1. Labor Viewed as the origin of ownership

1.11. Industrial revolution

1.11.1. Introduction of machinery and mechanization Workers are now appart from tools of production

2. Psychological

2.1. "You do, therefore you are"

2.1.1. You are what yo do, meaning that you are nothing more than what you are working in or studied for. Doing nothing, consequently makes you nothing

2.2. Work should be the central core of psychology

2.2.1. Gives people a sense of belonging and mattering

2.3. Work is view as a chance of finding themselves

2.3.1. People tend to do more than what they are asked for, in thay way, they are able to find out more about themselves and what they are capable of

2.4. "LOVE" leads to different meanings of work

2.4.1. PRIDE

2.4.2. Behaviors are important because they are clues of what the meaning of work is for each person individually

2.4.3. Has many purposes besides money

2.5. Data driven studies + theory based studies

2.5.1. advance in understanding all the possible meanings of work

2.6. Job loss implies negative incomes for people

2.6.1. Lower self-worth

2.6.2. Lower self-esteem

2.6.3. Despression Possible suicide

2.6.4. Emotionaly unstable people

3. Economical

3.1. Lock and Karl Marx

3.1.1. Said that work was the source of all economic value

3.2. It is not always central por people

3.2.1. Work is not necessarily done for money gain Related to the "different meanings of work" mentioned in the psychological part

3.3. Money can be traded for any good

3.4. Is seen as a "reward" for job acomplishments

3.5. Money is not necessarily what gives you status

3.5.1. In contrast You re recognized and "int he top" of society taking into account what you are, where do you work, etc. This can be linked to "you do therefore you are" mentioned in the Psychological part.

4. Social

4.1. Main source of identity

4.1.1. Influence in the personality

4.1.2. Work role is the most important of all those that people have This role is a grate source of someone's self-worth and self-esteem

4.1.3. Work is an opportunity for personal growth

4.1.4. Work can give someone's life a purpose Related to the different meanings of work mentioned in the psychological part

4.2. Provides social relations

4.2.1. Type of relationships someone will have

4.2.2. Bonds workers together

4.2.3. It will determine the profile of people that someone will interact with, according to its occupation

4.3. People's occupation will be clue for what type of lifestyle they could have

4.3.1. Type of living

4.3.2. The possible studies that their children will have

4.3.3. The kind of thing someone could purchase

4.3.4. Types of places they couls visit

4.3.5. Provides structure to peoples life

4.4. Work influence and shape people

4.4.1. What people choose for an occupation, influences more in their lifes than any other choice they could make

4.4.2. Make people be more autonomus A big step to pass from youth to adulthood

4.5. Job loss is a serious problem

4.5.1. People can become sociale apathetic

5. reference

5.1. Hulin, C. L. (2014). Work and being: The meanings of work in contemporary society. In J. K. Ford, J. R. Hollenbeck, & A. M. Ryan (Eds.), The nature of work: Advances in psychological theory, methods, and practice (pp. 9-33). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association.