WVYA reimagined...

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WVYA reimagined... by Mind Map: WVYA reimagined...

1. Board of Advisers

1.1. Former wvya's

2. Core values and philosophy

2.1. Mutual Understanding, Peace and Reconciliation

3. Affiliations/sponsorships/funding

3.1. WV

3.2. Kickstarter.com or GoFundMe.com

4. Project Description-Strategy

4.1. Choir

4.2. Leadership Development Program

5. Brand

5.1. Brainstorming

5.1.1. word association youth, music, leadership, international, world, connection, global, love, sounce of value, value, value source

5.1.2. HA Humanity Ambassadors This name is available!

5.1.3. HU- humanity united name already exists

5.1.4. international love

5.1.5. 4UWORLD

5.2. URL

6. Ideas

7. Questions

8. Project Definition

8.1. Vision

8.2. Mision

8.3. Objectives

9. My Geistesblitzes

9.1. create a conversation with wvya around reality tv show utopia

9.2. #EveybodyMatters a social justice org thinktank

9.3. can we do a Puddle fund for projects we want to support around the world?

9.4. choir version of daft punk's "around the world"

9.5. collecting accents

9.6. WORLD CITIZEN PODCAST... Check ins with YAs to start