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Niger by Mind Map: Niger

1. Place

1.1. What is happening in the country?

1.1.1. A drastic increase of population

1.1.2. Death rated are decreasing

1.1.3. People are uneducated in the situation

2. Space

2.1. What is the significance of the issue?

2.1.1. they are uneducated about the problems of having many children

2.1.2. the children are immune to most diseases

2.1.3. better health education

3. Scale

3.1. How is the country in comparison to other country?

3.1.1. 57th populated country in the world.

3.1.2. It's one of the least developed country

3.1.3. Its the 18th most populated county in Africa

4. Environment

4.1. How is the issue affecting the environment?

4.1.1. Lacking of water

4.1.2. Deforestation in many different areas

4.1.3. Pollution