Who are the Learners?

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Who are the Learners? by Mind Map: Who are the Learners?

1. A group of individuals who are in a specific place to learn something. But how a teacher knows the learners.it can be found in four different ways INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS: It can give us a intangible impressions based on our interpretation of eye contact or body posture. THE MOOD: can be set up by the teacher and his attitude. CHARACTERISTICS: every single group or student has differences between each other. MOTIVATIONS: can be given external or internal, it will depends of the learner.


2.1. This methodology can help us to know the learners, since after know them we can check if they have characteristics that belongs to Linguistic, Visual, Musical, Logical, Bodily, Interpersonal or interpersonal intelligence. whit this also we can find in which level the learners are.

3. Levels from the learners

3.1. Many schools dived learners in a commons structure: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced. All of them with the same purpose reach the maximum level on the English lenguague

3.2. Problems on this scenarios will always appear and like a teacher most of the commons problems will be when the learners will be grouped by ages, keep a group together and avoid that the learner growth, Give only a general idea about the topic,and do not have the enough levels to continue with the classes.

3.3. A teacher can not find the complete level of a class as a whole, since every learner is different and we need to find the the individual levels, system and skills and give the individual tasks,

4. Learners and Needs

4.1. A teacher with the time needs to develop to know and reach the learner needs and perform the ¨Needs Analysis¨

4.1.1. Needs Analysis: will be defined from Where the learners started and what learners would like to learn and how they want to study it.