Waste Disposal

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Waste Disposal by Mind Map: Waste Disposal

1. Causes

1.1. Lack of awareness

1.2. Poor waste management

1.3. The length of the dissolving process for plastic products

2. Effects

2.1. Bad impact on human health

2.2. Damage to animals and marine life

2.3. Affects the local economy

2.4. Gradually killing the planet

3. Forms

3.1. Liquid Waste

3.2. Solid Rubbish

3.2.1. Plastic waste

3.2.2. Paper/card waste

3.2.3. Tins and metals

3.2.4. Ceramics and glass

3.3. Recyclable Rubbish

3.4. Hazardous or toxic Waste

4. What is it?

4.1. Overconsumption of resources, plastic products and poor waste management threaten the environment and human health.

5. How serious is it?

5.1. The issue is seriously harming the planet. And has huge environmental impacts and could cause devastating problems due to our careless handling of waste.

6. Landfills are made in order to keep the toxic substance out of the environment, however, it still sometimes manage to get out. Some of the waste might never disappear.