Become a more creative contributor in my professional endeavors towards creating a better User Ex...

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Become a more creative contributor in my professional endeavors towards creating a better User Experience. by Mind Map: Become a more creative contributor in my professional endeavors towards creating a better User Experience.

1. ACTION: I will apply individual tools from the CPS framework on my current capital project work.

1.1. Who: Myself, applied individually

1.2. What: Capital project work, which includes large web redesigns and the associated design deliverables.

1.2.1. Wireframes

1.2.2. Prototypes

1.2.3. Sitemaps

1.2.4. Information Architecture

1.2.5. User Research

1.3. Where: At the office

1.4. Why: To increase my capacity to think creatively about the user experience

1.5. How: Apply tools for generating and focusing ideas.

1.5.1. Generating Brainstorming with post-its Attribute listing

1.5.2. Focusing ALUo Selecting Hits

1.6. When: Within 2 weeks of writing this action plan I will apply CPS to my current capital project (Ways to Save).

1.7. Measure of success: project deliverables created with the aid of CPS tools. UX Deliverables to be completed between Q2-Q3 2020.

2. ACTION: I will communicate and demonstrate the need for CPS in the IT department at my organization.

2.1. Who: Myself and my supervisor

2.2. What: Create and share materials regarding the CPS framework and its benefits for IT and their initatives

2.3. Where: At the office

2.4. Why: IT is a partner in our major web facing projects and often control the budget.

2.4.1. IT has demonstrated indifference towards creative thinking and creative work as they manage project scope tightly, which limits further innovation.

2.5. How: Lunch and learns, communicating at daily stand-ups, schedule meetings to review the steps and process

2.5.1. Road show

2.5.2. Lunch and leans

2.5.3. Socializing at meetings (i.e. daily stand-up)

2.6. When: Within 6 months of writing this action plan, I will develop a schedule, agenda and powerpoint deck to communicate to the different IT groups within my organization.

2.7. Measure of success: IT understands and accounts for time of creative problem solving within the UX project plans for upcoming capital projects in 2020.

3. ACTION: I will develop a design process based on CPS.

3.1. Who: Myself, Content Strategist, UX Design Team (Junior Designers), Supervisor, Manager

3.2. What: Create a detailed process, with swimlanes for the UX Design Team.

3.2.1. Process diagram with swimlanes

3.2.2. Responsible members

3.2.3. Time for Review

3.2.4. Deliverables

3.2.5. Services provided Creative Problem Solving Techniques Idea generation Prioritization Establishing goals and KPIs Design Sprint Planning

3.3. Why: Design process established on CPS framework will set expectations for how our team interacts with other departments across the organization.

3.4. How: I will create a swimlane diagram, document UX processes and deliverables. I will also communicate with team on proposed and final process.

3.5. When: Will start creating the process within 2 weeks of writing this action plan. However, I will develop a plan to communicate and implement the changes required as part of this process over the course of one year.

3.6. Measure of success: team is empowered to follow and improve upon process in the marketing department.

4. ACTION: I will create a design roadmap by utilizing the CPS framework.

4.1. Who: Myself, Supervisor, Manager

4.2. What: Detailed one-year roadmap with UX strategies, enhancements, deliverables, and tools to be applied.

4.3. Where: The office, stored on team sharepoint

4.4. Why: Establishes workplan for the upcoming year and can communicate to the developers our plan.

4.5. How: Capture roadmap in Trello and export tasks into project management system (i.e. JIRA).

4.6. When: Will start creating the roadmap 6 months within writing this action plan. The roadmap will be completed by the end Q2 2020.

4.7. Measure of success: roadmap created, socialized, and implemented with the UX Design Team. Items from roadmap to be prioritized using CPS techniques, with 3 to be implemented in by Q4 2020.