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customers footwear the King by Mind Map: customers footwear the King

1. Our shoe factory El Rey gives the importance that the client deserves by providing a quality service, which is reflected in the performance and attitudes of the people who work in the business, so we have decided to make a diagnosis with our closest clients to socialize our new footwear models before exposing them to the market.

1.1. We proceed by analyzing our finances as a company, to achieve our purpose of attracting new customers with our new models

1.2. Finance study

1.3. As our interest in exposing new models is to guarantee new customers, it is necessary to examine how the finances of our factory are and face the possible difficulties, in order to obtain an increasing production and as an efficiency of solution to the current situation, for which a high degree of competitiveness is required, which requires the implementation of a continuous improvement process.


2.1. Always trying to meet the demands of our customers (the King's shoe factory) we say we improve our strategy.

2.1.1. Minimize costs deliveries on time Fast production

2.2. It is very necessary as business owners to be aware if we are pleasing the customer with our service or not, so it is necessary to take into account the customer's requirements.

2.3. It helps us identify our customers every day

2.4. Picking up customer requirements is more important than we think, if our customers want us to do something for what they hire you. It has an idea - more or less clear - in your head that you will have to understand in order to meet your expectations.

2.5. We, as owners of the El Rey shoe factory, use techniques to collect customer requirements, interviews, creativity techniques, questionnaires and observation


3.1. Our factory Calzados el Rey, identifies the needs of our customers adapting the offer (products, prices, channels) to their needs but also design the appropriate communications to publicize and position the product or service in the minds of consumers.

3.2. Our shoe factory always keeps in mind that the success of the company does not depend on the products sold, our company depends on the customers to whom we provide the service.

3.3. We conducted a study in the company about the possible needs that our clients would have to comply. If we put into practice understanding these needs, they could help us as a company by understanding why they buy us.

3.4. We managed to identify the following needs

3.4.1. Freedom. In general, our clients like to feel the same as others and free to make their own decisions.

3.4.2. Protection. When our shoe factory the King talks about protection, we talk about feeling loved, that we can adapt and be autonomous. Security and systems play a very important role here. Guarantees help people to feel protected when they buy a product.

3.4.3. Appreciation. The kind of appreciation that the customer has for the product is very important. It might inspire respect, sense of humor or generosity

3.5. The success of our factory is very simple if our best customers once we discover those characteristics with them, our search structure is simplified and it makes it easier for us to approach new prospects or customers.


4.1. Our clients' wishes are forms that acquire a need shaped by their culture and personality.

4.2. We analyze that the wishes of our customers (Calzados el Rey) become demands when they are backed by their desire to buy.

4.3. Our clients have needs and desires in which the company focuses on the development of products and services that satisfy them.

4.4. Analyzing each of our clients we conclude that there are fundamental concepts, among which are the needs, desires and demands:

4.4.1. Necesidades, deseos y demandas. Ofertas de marketing, que incluyen productos, servicios y experiencias. Valor y satisfacción. Intercambio, transacciones y relaciones. Mercados. In this way, our company understands the combination of products, services, information or experience that is offered to the market to satisfy a need or a desire.