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Simplicity by Mind Map: Simplicity

1. Clean/Crisp

1.1. communication about starts and stops are defined and definitive

2. thoughtful

2.1. We're thinking ahead to subvert possible snags.

3. stress free

3.1. We've got it under control, so you don't have to worry

4. initiative

4.1. For any issue or opportunity, we'll take the first step

5. experienced

5.1. We are not caught off guard because this isn't our first rodeo.

6. handled

6.1. We're looking out for and taking care of our clients

7. competent

7.1. We know what we're doing, and put that know-how to use for our clients

8. follow-through

8.1. We have internal controls for accountability and don't put that on to the client to follow up.

9. focus

9.1. Project scope is clear and we don't deviate from that without a clear reason/process to do so.

10. frictionless

10.1. everything that's necessary, and nothing more