ETEC 565

Thoughts and notable learning during etec 565s at UBC.

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ETEC 565 by Mind Map: ETEC 565

1. Notable Articles

1.1. Bogost

1.1.1. Habituation Using like experiences for game learning Snake "Pong" Dr. Mario Easy to learn, difficult to master. Chess Tetris

1.2. Fullerton

1.2.1. Players

1.2.2. Resources

1.2.3. Procedeues

1.2.4. Rules

1.3. Huizinga

1.3.1. The Magic Circle "The playing field"

1.3.2. Play is Voluntary

1.3.3. Biological need Animals, play fighting. Bite to kill vs Bite to play

2. Personal Experiences

2.1. The Design Process

2.2. "The Patch"

2.2.1. Video game design uses all aspects of the design process

2.2.2. Brainstorming of ideas

2.2.3. Discussion

2.2.4. Collaboration

2.2.5. Testing theories

2.2.6. Refining and revising

2.2.7. Ideas for a version 2.0

2.3. New Experiences

2.3.1. Articulate Storyline Software

2.3.2. Video Game Design

2.3.3. Twine

3. Culture

3.1. Gender Equality

3.1.1. Game protagonists

3.2. Racial Representations

3.2.1. Education through gaming

3.2.2. Identifying and understanding stereotypes, sexualzed characteres, racism and gender representations in games.

3.2.3. Using games as a learning resource regarding these issues.

3.2.4. Darvasi & GTA V

3.3. Safe places to play

3.3.1. Xbox Live Online Harrasment Safe Spaces

3.3.2. The virtual sheild Cyber Bullying Social Media