Meeting Workflow

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Meeting Workflow by Mind Map: Meeting Workflow

1. Case Prep

1.1. Needs to get to point where IOS can do without conversation from advisor

1.1.1. If call is necessary, no more than a 5 minute call

1.2. Needs to put case together

1.3. Present options to advisor

1.3.1. Make adjusts if needed

1.4. Meeting folder prepared with printed materials

2. Meeting 1 Run

2.1. Send email recap to client

2.2. Nicole & Irene access to meeting notes

2.2.1. Need to be automized so either can send email recap

3. Meeting 1 Set

3.1. Calendar Invite sent to client

3.2. Meeting Folder created

3.3. Confirm meeting

3.4. Send any pre-meeting needs

4. Meeting 2 Run

4.1. ALL necessary client info collected. If not, paperwork filled out and signed

4.1.1. Paramed dates collected for scheduling if life Insurance

4.1.2. If rollover, collect statements and all required account info for paperwork

4.2. Go over pending business expectations clearly and leave behind timeline of events sheet

5. Move Forward w/Business

5.1. Fill out paperwork and have client sign if haven’t already

5.2. Follow up on pending business

5.2.1. How can we automate this to notify client???

5.3. Finalize and get paid

5.3.1. If 3rd meeting needs to take place to discuss life insurance options or alternative strategies, have all paperwork prepared with moving forward