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Sagemcom by Mind Map: Sagemcom

1. MSB ramp CN/CZ + customers + timing+ volumes 80kpcs minisoudbox in 2020  Altice USA  SFR France  Sagemcom is gathering the ramp PO and plan, will share to TYM once available ( expt. In 2weeks)  SGM will feedback on ramp plan from HZ+CZ, f2f in w41 MSB hybrid prod ramp:  Informed Sagemcom than MSB hybrid model will require airfreights and delay of schedule.  FA and testing activities in TYM HZ will cease until SFR France volume and timing is known, will be taken over by TYMCZ

2. pre-fill of pallets measurements VPN to access Sagemcom SAP system for pallet info transfer Automation of the pallet number file sending from SGM DN download issues

3. Team

3.1. Michel Baspers - Projektový manager -technicky

3.2. Laurent - Projektový manager výroba

3.3. Carmelo - nákupčí

3.3.1. Yoann jeho nadřízený

3.4. Thierry - kvalita

3.5. Hugo - R&D mechanik

3.6. Thibault - dodávky SRP file


4.1. Open tasks

4.1.1. Overdue invoices

4.1.2. Bag + sticker change request

4.1.3. Foliovačka

4.1.4. Discrepancy on PCBA

4.1.5. Woofers on stock to be taken by SGM

4.2. Customers

4.2.1. Altice

4.2.2. Vodafone

4.3. Running changes

4.3.1. 3 parts modification

4.4. Woofrers ordering

4.5. Latest changes on invoice price

4.5.1. Transport of Woofers

4.5.2. Higher price of foams

4.5.3. Bag add and sticker + transport

4.6. UL

4.7. LOA devialet

4.8. Re-work finished goods

4.9. Change request process

4.10. pre-fill of pallets measurements/ VPN to access Sagemcom SAP system for pallet info transfer/ Automation of the pallet number file sending from SGM/ DN download issues  David Dormoy will cross check internally, he had 1 pers on it that was supposed to solve it this month

5. Small Pony

5.1. email shrnující meeting minutes

5.2. Routing time in CZ

5.3. Kvotace z Česka

6. Weekly tasks

6.1. SRP file

6.2. Shipping

6.2.1. SAP support

7. Spare parts

7.1. Safety stock

8. Contract + MQA

9. Francois meetin - topics shared

9.1. Sagemcom has no re-order yet from altice, will try to smooth the volumes to avoid a no-production month Altice has not done hte online launch yet ( No Amazon and Altice online purchase possible, just physical locations), so initial sales feedback limited. -> Vodaphone delayed because ”hola altica” wake word was not working until this week. IBC feedback was good. -> Spain, 5kps, request to produce should come very soon / AM to tighly follow up -> NZ in discussion (for 2020) -> Italy in discussion (for 2020) -> Germany in discussion (for 2020) -> Altice : modifications coming H2 ( including packaging) -> Totalplay : 5kpcs order expected before end of year -> Quickline 4kpcs , 2020 q2 -> Telecentro, disucssion ongoing -> Net, disucssion ongoing -> Entel, disucssion ongoing