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WomenMentors.co by Mind Map: WomenMentors.co

1. Current Methods to find mentor

1.1. 1. Find Mentors in the organization

1.2. 2. Find Mentors among Friends and Family

1.3. 3. Find Mentors in Tech Conferences/Meetups

1.4. 4. Find Mentors using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Blog Posts, Twitter etc.

2. User Demographics

2.1. Age: 30, Gender: Male, Role: Data Scientist in NYC, Highest Degree: Masters

2.2. Age: 27, Gender: Female, Role: Data Analyst in New Delhi, Highest Degree: Masters

2.3. Age: 29, Gender: Female, Role: Software Engineer in NYC, Highest Degree: Bachelors

3. Effect of Gender on Mentorship Quality

3.1. Both male and female mentors equally supportive.

3.2. Women mentors enhance the sense of belonging and comfort among women mentees. Personal guidance on how to manage work and family and also overcome glass-ceiling at work.

3.3. For engineering background, women mentor played a big role in creating positive self-efficacy.

4. State of Availability of Women in STEM (Scale of 1 - 5, 5 being highest)

4.1. 1

4.2. 3

4.3. 1

4.4. Very difficult to find women mentors

5. Relationship between mentoring and career advancement / academic achievement

5.1. Directly proportionality relationship: Mentors help and guide on personal levels, understand and recommend based on background.

5.2. Positive Impact Relationship: Finding mentor at early stages of studies and career is extremely crucial. Having a mentor would have helped with transitions and struggles in STEM and would have someone to guide through the decisions (rather than taking them all alone)

5.3. Relationship of critical importance which is undervalued. So much can be learned from mentors which is not possible even from reading multiple books and watching videos.

6. Preference towards the type of mentorship

6.1. Online : Easy to connect to mentors globally.

6.1.1. Video Calls or Social Networking Sites : Github, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit

6.2. In Person : Easy to make the mentors understand your background and the get queries resolved quickly.

6.3. Email and Phone : Informal and might not always be welcomed.

7. Current Method to find mentors

7.1. Experienced / Senior professional at organization.

7.2. Cold messaging mentors on LinkedIn and other networking sites.

7.3. Proposing mentorships to people found in meetups and technical conferences

8. Satisfaction with the web app, particularly related to intuitiveness, ease of navigation and the look and feel of it. (Scale of 1 - 5, 5 being highest)

8.1. 5

8.2. 4 - Great start, especially based upon the amount of time spent.

8.3. 4

9. Web App Features Liked by Participants

9.1. Recommendation Feature

9.2. Connecting with mentors is very easy

9.3. App makes finding women mentors easy

9.4. Finding mentors based on location is a powerful feature

10. Improvement Areas for Web App

10.1. Internal Portal where mentors and mentee can communicate and connect.

10.2. Allowing interested candidates to volunteer and sign up as mentors

10.3. Intelligent algorithm to recommend mentors in nearby locations, apart from the same location.