Project Plan

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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. Front Panel

1.1. Home

1.1.1. Banner slider

1.1.2. company overview

1.1.3. featured products

1.1.4. latest evnts

1.1.5. latest TV commercials

1.1.6. Contact details

1.2. About Us

1.2.1. About Company Profile

1.2.2. Vision And Mission

1.2.3. Our Founders

1.2.4. Board Of Directors

1.2.5. KeyMilestones

1.3. Products

1.3.1. Products Category List Product Products Detail All products in selected category Product

1.4. Awards And Achivetments

1.4.1. List of all Awards

1.5. Investors / Partners

1.5.1. List of all Investors

1.6. Events Gallery

1.6.1. List af all Events event detail

1.7. Contact Us

1.8. Enquiry

1.9. Careers

2. Adminpanel

2.1. Banner Management

2.1.1. Add Banner Image Title cta button title cta button url short description

2.1.2. View list of all banner

2.2. Category Mangement

2.2.1. Add category Image Title description seo description image if required

2.2.2. View list of all category

2.3. Product Management

2.3.1. Add Product product name category specification seo description price images

2.3.2. View list of all product set featured option set order of display category filter

2.4. Events Gallery

2.4.1. Add event gallery Title event date Image description images videos seo description

2.4.2. View list of all events

2.5. TV Commercials

2.5.1. Add commercials Title video file/ youtube link

2.5.2. View list of all commercials

2.6. Awards And Achievements

2.6.1. Add awards Title presented by presented date

2.6.2. View list of all awards

2.7. Investors/ Partners Management

2.7.1. Add investor Name logo description

2.7.2. view list of all investors

2.8. adminprofile

2.8.1. comapny name

2.8.2. logo

2.8.3. contact details

2.8.4. social media handlers

2.8.5. seo description

2.8.6. login details