Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution by Mind Map: Conflict Resolution

1. Situation

1.1. The purchase manager Sruthi sits with the marketing head Ravi and sales head Isha to discuss the re-do the interior to appeal to their walk-in customers, with a limited budget.

1.1.1. Ravi mentions that the walls need to be repainted before starting anything else.

1.1.2. Isha mentions to lay a carpet to give a lux appeal.

1.1.3. Sruthi can't do both - has only budget for one.

1.1.4. The argument begins and Ravi/Isha decides to walk out.

2. Conclusion

2.1. Sruthi asks them to both to calm down, and gets them to sit together for 10 more minutes to come to a conclusion.

2.2. Sruthi asks the reason why they disagree. Isha says that Ravi doesn't respect her and feels she isn't capable.

2.3. Ravi clarifies saying he is doing what's best for the company, and he didn't mean disrespect.

2.4. Sruthi asks for solutions and finding a common ground.

2.5. Ravi says he can negotiate with his vendor to bring the price down and initiate a payment system.

2.6. Isha says she can volunteer to help, and Sruthi says she can arrange for 2 more volunteers to help.

2.7. Everyone agrees to get both done with minimal cost that stays within budget.

3. Method

3.1. 1. Identify the source of conflict

3.2. 2. Request solutions

3.2.1. Look beyond the incident

3.3. 3. Identify the common ground

3.3.1. Agreement