Planning New Cities

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Planning New Cities by Mind Map: Planning New Cities

1. Planning Theory

1.1. Quality of Life

1.1.1. Use and Fruition

1.1.2. Health and Well being

1.1.3. Appearance

1.1.4. Management

1.1.5. Environment

1.1.6. Safety and Security

1.2. City Planning

1.2.1. National policy for urban growth

1.2.2. Type of new cities

1.2.3. planning Procedures Goals and Objectives Regional feasibility Study Site Selection/ Criteria Social Planning Economic Planning Transportation Planning Physical Planning/ Unit Planning Land-use Planning Governance system

2. Planning Procedure

2.1. Power Dynamics

2.1.1. Visions Ministry of Defense Ministry of Agricuture General Authority for Reconstruction and Agricultural Development Projects Ministry of Planning Ministry of Housing

2.1.2. Technicality Ministry of Housing General Organization for Physical Planning Private Consultant

2.2. Initial Planning

2.2.1. National and Regional Context

2.2.2. Development Program Population Projections Growth Prospects and Restrictions Employment Industrial Strategy Economic Evaluation Social Development Objectives for planning

2.2.3. Physical Planning Basic Planning Approach Regional context and Site characteristics The Structure of the City Industrial Areas Residential Areas The City Center Transportation Utilities

2.2.4. First Stage Development First Stage City First Stage Industrial Areas Investment Costs and Scheduling Implementation

3. As Built

3.1. User Experience

3.1.1. Quality of Life

3.2. As Sold

3.2.1. Local Authorities

3.2.2. Investment Policies

3.3. Maser-plan Development

3.3.1. New Urban Communities Authority

3.3.2. Private Consultant