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Kenny Nachwalter Pa by Mind Map: Kenny Nachwalter Pa

1. Address: 111 Congress Ave, #1060, Austin, TX 78701 Phone: 5124808023 Website: Business Lawyer Austin | Business Attorney Austin, TX | Kenny Nachwalter Kenny Nachwalter has become a household name in the field of complex business and antitrust litigation and has been successfully representing its clients for more than three decades now. In Januar 2018, our firm was recognized as a "top law firm" by the South Florida Legal Guide while 6 of our attorneys have been selected as "top lawyers". We represent our clients nationwide and specialize in antitrust law, protecting the intellectual property of our clients, offering professional liability defense, settling contract disputes and many more. Feel free to contact our office located in One Congress Plaza, Austin, Texas. Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 6:30PM Category: Lawyer, Business Lawyer, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Malpractice Attorney, Professional Liability, Securities Lawyer