Energy Systems

Energy Systems by Deelanjia

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Energy Systems by Mind Map: Energy Systems

1. ATP-CP Systems

1.1. ATP or adenosine triphosphate and PC or phosphocreatine is stored energy.

1.1.1. Provides immediate energy by breaking down stored high energy phosphates.

2. Glycolysis

2.1. stored glycogen is broken down to create ATP through the process of glycolysis.

2.1.1. glycolysis can be used in either anaerobic respiration if no oxygen is available

3. Oxidative/Aerobic System

3.1. Four processes to produce ATP (slow glycolysis, Kerbs cycle, electron transport chain, beta oxidation).

3.1.1. The oxidative system by itself is used primarily during complete rest and low-intensity activity.

4. SImilarities/Differences

4.1. All use ENERGY!

4.1.1. Glycolysis and oxidative system rely on ATP.

4.1.2. aerobic energy system provides energy for long period activities