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1. Hello, First Name! ​ As you remember, yesterday I sent you a personal StyleGuide. But I have something more interesting for you🤗 With just a few clicks, we select stylish outfits personalised specially for you! ❣️​ Let’s try? Click “Let's go” to begin👀

1.1. Затем 2-3 вопроса по пожеланиям: - Стиль - Тип одежды Если платья: + длина +цвет Если юбки: +длина Если Over 50 - всего 1 вопрос про тип одежды. По умолчанию добавляю возраст и размер.

2. Welcome First Name! My name is Vanessa and I am happy to make you a present and send your personal StyleGuide! Click here to get it!

2.1. Your Style Guide is here! Tap the button below to enjoy reading! ❤

2.1.1. Continue ЧЕРЕЗ 22 часа