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Urbanization by Mind Map: Urbanization

1. What makes a city?

2. What does it mean to be urban?

2.1. Where the people are

2.2. The character of modern cities

3. Contemporary cities

3.1. Weaving the global social fabric

3.2. The global city: global powerhouses

3.2.1. Global cities: the nexus of rich and poor

3.3. The megacity: the world’s largest

3.4. Urban vitality and the creative city

3.5. The world’s fragile cities

3.5.1. The complexity of fragility

3.5.2. The challenge of demographics to fragile cities

3.6. Uneven economic development

3.6.1. Rising inequality

4. The urban slums: cities of tomorrow?

5. Achieving urban sustainability

5.1. Looking inside slums: finding resilience and community

5.2. Urban rehabilitation and community preservation

5.2.1. Temporary housing solutions: put unused land to good use – squatter cities and the Dignity Village model

5.2.2. People’s rights to land and voice

5.3. Making cities resilient

5.3.1. Pittsburgh: are immigrants the answer?

5.3.2. Lagos: empowerment through organization

5.4. Environmental sustainability in the cities

5.4.1. Food supply chain strategies

5.4.2. The garden city strategy

5.4.3. Zero carbon building

5.5. Tackling transportation

5.6. Good urban governance