Computors as mindtools

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Computors as mindtools by Mind Map: Computors as mindtools

1. engage critical thinking

1.1. knowledge consruction

1.1.1. designers

2. semantic organisation tool

2.1. database

2.1.1. learners can analyze critical thinking skills required

2.1.2. computerized record keeping system

2.2. semantic networking

2.2.1. organize what they know

2.2.2. draw visual maps

2.2.3. structural knowledge

2.2.4. label relationships

2.2.5. describe nature of relationships

2.2.6. represent a structure of knowledge

2.2.7. PROGRAMS Semnet Learning Tool Mind Mapper

3. dynamic modeling tool

3.1. describe dynamic relationships among ideas


3.2.1. Spreadsheets Numerical Record Keeping

3.2.2. Expert System simulates artificial ideas When problems requires decision making Probabilities Good research have to be done Deeper understanding Articulate casual knowledge

3.2.3. System modeling Requires complex clearing Solve complex and ill-structured problems PROGRAMS Stella online - ISEE System

3.2.4. micro Worlds exploratory learning discovering space navigate, manipulate or create objects Video based PROGRAMS Geometric Supposer Algebraic Supposer SimCal Flight simulators

4. information interpretation tool

4.1. Visualization Tools

4.2. Kwowledge Construction Tool

4.3. Hypermedia

4.3.1. consist of information nodes

5. knowledge construction tool

6. conversation and collaboration tool

6.1. Constructivist nature of learning

6.2. Social nature of learning

6.3. Negotiate meaning

6.4. Live conversations

6.4.1. Chats

6.4.2. MOO's

6.4.3. MUD's

6.4.4. Video conferencing

6.4.5. Collaboratory Notebook

6.5. Information Exchange