Prcoess Mapping of Lifestyle Hearing

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Overview by Mind Map: Overview

1. Purchases

1.1. 1. Purchase Order attributed to the sales order Created in Harp 2. integrates to NAV serial #, warranty dates, vendor invoice #, date, GST, HST 3. Report Runs every 60 minutes to auto-post documents

1.2. Bulk orders of equipment to stock inventory. Flows to NAV without it being attributed to a sales order

1.3. Only integrates to NAV when received by clinic

2. Sales

2.1. Sales Order (Patient Order)

2.2. Integrates to NAV

2.3. Report Runs every 60 minutes to auto-post documents

2.4. Can't add/remove lines

3. Payments

3.1. Patient direct payment into Harp

3.2. Third party payments input into NAV and flows to Harp

4. Inventory

4.1. Bulk orders of aids ordered through Harp

4.2. Demo Aids ordered separately for clinics. Expenses, not fixed assets

5. Risks

5.1. Errors in purchase orders entering. Usually discovered way after the PO is posted, inventory received and before payment is sent to vendor

6. Invoice / Accounts Receivables

6.1. Setup

6.1.1. Reporting based on LANs

6.1.2. Three Dimensions: 1. Location 2. Clinic Code 3. Region Code

7. Deposits

7.1. Import Deposits first Then Apply Remittances

7.2. Bank Recs Done Daily

8. Month-End Timeline

8.1. Cut-off Network Sales on 25th (-5D)