Ideal Experiences for Potential New Teachers in NC

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Ideal Experiences for Potential New Teachers in NC by Mind Map: Ideal Experiences for Potential New Teachers in NC

1. What should they know?

1.1. Before entering an EPP

1.1.1. how/where to apply

1.1.2. the steps it will take to become a teacher

1.2. After graduation

1.3. Before entering alternative certification pathway

1.3.1. What is the career pathways? What are the opportunities?

1.3.2. What is the pathway?

1.4. To get an initial license

2. What should they experience?

2.1. During pre-service

2.1.1. multiple and diverse classroom settings, student populations

2.1.2. alignment of content and skills standards with curriculum

2.1.3. creation of learning opportunities aligned with standards

2.1.4. analysis of student work

2.2. Before pre-service

2.3. After pre-service

2.4. During and after alt cert

3. What should they do?

3.1. Before Pre-service

3.1.1. Graduate from HS

3.1.2. Decide they want to teach

3.2. During pre-service

3.2.1. Learn the research about their subject area and effective teaching

3.2.2. Observe great teaching in P12 schools

3.2.3. Work directly with students in P12 schools

3.2.4. Rehearse and receive feedback on teaching practice

3.3. To get an initial license

3.3.1. Successfully complete all EPP requirements

3.4. To get a continuing license

3.4.1. Demonstrate positive impact on student learning

3.4.2. Pursue some type of professional learning

4. What should they feel?

4.1. Before pre-service

4.1.1. confident and knowledgeable about requirements (clarity on the program requirements and pathway(s))

4.1.2. belief in importance of education; having a sense of "their why"

4.2. During pre-service

4.2.1. supported, challenged, prepared

4.2.2. gaining focus on a particular content/grade level; convicted to continue pursuit; willingness to explore the multiplicity of what it means to be an educator; growth mindset

4.3. After graduation

4.3.1. prepared for the licensure assessment options

4.3.2. excited to begin a career; proud of the path they've chosen; like a professional who is/will be respected; continued support in transition from EPP to LEA;

4.4. After initial licensure

4.4.1. supported by a mentor teacher in their school

4.5. After the first/second/third year of teaching

5. What should they demonstrate?

5.1. To get into an EPP/Alt cert program

5.1.1. Have a belief that all students can learn

5.1.2. Academic Success

5.2. To get initial license

5.3. To get hired by a district

5.4. To be retained by a district