Bone Health

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Bone Health by Mind Map: Bone Health

1. Calcium

2. Magnesium

3. Keep calcium in balance with magnesium. See Cronometer for a way to do this.

4. Strontium

4.1. Controversial, but author of Your Bones, Lara Pizzorno, says it works.

5. Vitamin D3

5.1. Helps body absorb calcium.

6. Vitamin K2

6.1. Needed for teeth too.

7. Bioidentical Hormones

7.1. Especially after menopause.

7.2. Keep estrogen and progesterone in balance.

7.3. DHEA and testosterone may be needed too, even for women.

8. Weight-bearing Exercise, Including Strength Training

9. Helps take calcium out of arteries and deposit in bones.

10. Take strontium separately from calcium. Being in the same chemical family, they compete. Calcium wins.

11. Calcium, Magnesium, and Strontium are Bone-Building Minerals.

12. Boron and Silicon

12.1. Especially good for the fingernails too.

13. Helps body absorb calcium.