Generation Z

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Generation Z by Mind Map: Generation Z

1. We-Centric, not Me-Centric

1.1. Viewed as "straight-laced" and more responsible

1.1.1. Teenage drug use, alcohol consumption, smoking, and pregnancy are all at their lowest levels in decades

1.2. Desire collaboration and teamwork to solve the world's problems

1.2.1. However, conflicts with values of working independently and lack of creativity according to a Gen Z survey

1.3. Most diverse generation in history

1.3.1. Also most connected globally through social media Because of social media, already show high rates of depression, anxiety, and unhappiness

1.3.2. Value equality (gender, racial, sexual orientation) the most

2. The "Now" Generation

2.1. Have not seen a world without the internet

2.2. Everything is immediate leading to a need for instant gratification

2.2.1. Assumption everything is tailored for them due to online-based algorithms Likes, dislikes, online orders, etc. makes the online experience custom to each person

2.3. Would rather watch a YouTube video than read an article on the same topic - it's quicker and easier

3. Problem-Solvers

3.1. Strong entrepreneurial spirit

3.2. Don't want to just help with problems, they want to solve them

3.3. Realistic compared to millennial's optimistic view

3.3.1. Wants to use technology to make a more optimistic world

3.3.2. Have been told that life is hard and they have to work for what they want or someone else will

4. Digital Natives

4.1. Internet commercialized in 1995

4.2. Saw mistakes made by millennials

4.2.1. Working to avoid them

4.2.2. Very aware of digital footprint

4.3. Determined to show capability of real thoughts and using technology to make a difference

5. How to Teach

5.1. Thirst for structure, standards, and expectations

5.1.1. Set clear and concise guidelines for assignments Objectives, sources, length, time spent working, etc.

5.2. Embrace technology

5.2.1. Embrace the use of student personal devices

5.2.2. Post assignments online Flipped classroom setting, use videos

5.3. Develop a student-centered learning environment

5.3.1. Gen-Z students needs to feel they're making a difference and what they are learning matters Spark curiosity and challenge them with tough open-ended questions Explain purpose of assignments

5.3.2. Personalize their learning as a group using formative assessment Give choices and freedom if possible with examples and guidance

5.3.3. Develop shared projects pieced by individual efforts Jigsaw assignments