Case Study: Jafari

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Case Study: Jafari by Mind Map: Case Study: Jafari


1.1. This tool suggests/predicts words for users while typing.

1.2. RECALL VOCABULARY- word predictor can help Jafari recall vocabulary that he has learned and wants to use for his graded assignments.

1.3. WRITING- word predictor can help Jafari with his struggles writing in class. Predictions are based on commonly used words from the user.


2.1. This tool is a tape recorder that allows the user to listen to pre-recorded lectures or play back live, in-class lectures. Additionally, the tape recorder can range in speed of which it plays back without distorting the lecturer's voice.

2.2. AUDITORY PROCESSING- the variable-speed tape recorder can help Jafari with his difficulties in auditory processing. Instead of having the fear of missing important information during lecture, Jafari can use this tool during practice or homework in order to further his learning independently.

2.3. READING- the tape recorder can also help with his difficulties with reading. If there is a text that is too long or complex, Jafari can have the readings read aloud and alter the pace. This can further his comprehension and understanding of the readings.


3.1. This word processor is light and easy to transport. It is meant for a tool to those students who have difficulties writing. The portable word processor helps students edit and revise their writing more efficiently.

3.2. WRITING- the portable word processor can help Jafari write essays and also revise before final submission in an easier manner.


4.1. This tool can scan and read aloud texts. Books, articles, internet journals, and hand written items can be scanned on this tool for verbal reading.

4.2. ORAL DELAYS- this screen reader can help with Jafari's oral delays while talking. This tool can be used in presentations by previously writing down what is needed to be said, scanning the information, and having the machine read aloud the needed information if necessary.

4.3. READING- since Jafari has difficulties with reading information, he can access his readings with two different sensors using this tool. He can listen and visually look at the needed readings for a deeper and quicker understanding.


5.1. This is not an assistive technology directly, but an intervention. When essays are due, Jafari can submit a first draft through word or google docs. This allows the teacher to read over Jafari's essay, add feedback, and return to Jafari.

5.2. WRITING AND VOCABULARY- the first draft submission intervention allows the small mistakes of vocabulary, grammar, syntax, etc. to be fixed before the final submission.