Colin Horner #DigitalDoodler

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Colin Horner #DigitalDoodler by Mind Map: Colin Horner #DigitalDoodler

1. Contact me

1.1. [email protected] 083 327 5719 @colinhorner

2. Who we are

2.1. Colin Horner a.k.a. the Digital Doodler Helping frustrated businesses clarify their business model and communicate it more effectively using visual images

3. What we do

3.1. Digital Doodling Storyboards Explainer video Animated GIF Problem Solving Problem Solving

4. How we benefit our clients

4.1. I help online marketers to reach their target markets more effectively by communicating their message using visual storyboards. A visual story engages the brain far more effectively than words alone and creates a more lasting memory Facts tell stories sell Using explainer videos - two minutes to communicate a simple engaging message of your value proposition, you can inform and engage your target market

5. I want to meet

5.1. Michelle McFarlane Owner Of Dragon Consulting Brand strategy and marketing