Adam Sargon

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Adam Sargon by Mind Map: Adam Sargon

1. Interactive Whiteboards

1.1. Loved using these for my lessons; video clips, display children's work, brainstorming etc.

2. YouTube Clips

2.1. Great way to introduce new topics and grab class attention

3. Technology as a Gateway Drug

3.1. Wary of the overuse of technology and the related software on young minds as some podcasts and research indicate that it can activate neural pathways associated with addiction.

3.2. Need to use technology as a tool rather than the focal point of education.

4. I like intuitive Apps which can be picked up, understood and navigated quickly.

4.1. I like Apple for this reason

5. I have 2 kids that have inspired me to be a teacher.

5.1. Myles - 3.5yrs Maeve - 20months

6. Online Resources

6.1. Truly lucky in this day and age to have so many resources and ideas at our fingertips as teachers.