Reading Circle Week 7 Sustainable development: A bird’s eye view

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Reading Circle Week 7 Sustainable development: A bird’s eye view by Mind Map: Reading Circle Week 7  Sustainable development: A bird’s eye view

1. Abstract

1.1. In this paper we aim to contribute to a better understanding of sustainability by adopting a bird's eye perspective.

2. 1. Introduction

2.1. This paper contributes to a better understanding of sustainable development by adopting a bird’s eye view of the available scholarly literature and provides arguments to combat common misconceptions.

3. 2. Terminology

3.1. “sustainable development”

3.1.1. development/economic growth

3.1.2. the “process” to achieve it

3.2. “sustainability”

3.2.1. gives priority to the environment

3.2.2. stands for the “goal”

3.3. Question

3.3.1. What different between sustainable and sustainability ?

4. 3. Genesis

4.1. 3.1 Historical Roots

4.2. 3.2. Modern Milestones

4.2.1. alternative view on development towards a broadly acknowledged and formal politically endorsed development model.

5. 4. Fundamental Sustainability Principles

5.1. the normativity principle

5.1.1. “objective—subjective”

5.2. the equity principle

5.2.1. “We have not inherited the Earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children”

5.3. the integration principle

5.3.1. concept of “integration”

5.4. the integration principle

6. 5. Mainstream Sustainability Views

6.1. 5.1. Our Common Future

6.1.1. (1) “nominal definition” or “mission statement”,

6.1.2. (2) its “operational definition”.

6.2. 5.2. Sustainability Models

6.2.1. Economic

6.2.2. Environmental

6.2.3. Institutional

6.2.4. Social

6.3. 5.3. The Earth Charter

6.3.1. respect and care for the community of life;

6.3.2. ecological integrity;

6.3.3. social and economic justice

6.3.4. democracy, nonviolence, and peace.

7. 6. Governing Sustainability: Governance, Participation, Transition Management and Resilience

7.1. Respect and Care for the Community of Life

7.2. Ecological Integrity

7.3. Social and Economic Justice

7.4. Democracy, Nonviolence, and Peace

8. 7. Conclusions

9. Acknowledgments

10. Question ?

10.1. Main Idea Checking: What is the meaning bird eye view in this context.

10.2. Why do so many people misunderstanding about the meaning of sustainable development ?

10.3. What different between sustainable and sustainability ?

10.4. Why is important ?

10.5. What do you think in nowadays, which one is a problem and should more focus and challenging to overcome; - Economic, - Environmental - Institutional - Social.

10.6. Which model do you that it is more clearly understand between "Four pillar sustainability model"and "Nested sustainability model"

10.7. How computer science as a useful tools for our earth ?