The dog that followed me was brown and floppy.

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The dog that followed me was brown and floppy. by Mind Map: The dog that followed me was brown and floppy.

1. The

1.1. This is a determiner. Determiners are used in front of nouns to determine what is being spoken about.

1.1.1. "The" is an article.

2. floppy.

2.1. This is an adjective.

3. and

3.1. This is a conjunction.

4. dog

4.1. This is a noun and the subject.

4.1.1. Dog is a countable noun, it can exist in plural forms

4.1.2. Dog is a concrete noun, it's something that exists and is not abstract

4.1.3. Dog is a common noun as far as dog breeds go. This has been generalized to say "dog" when it could say pitbull or terrier.

5. that

5.1. "That" is used here as a relative pronoun.

5.1.1. Relative pronouns are used at the beginning of an adjective clause which--you guessed it!--modifies a preceding noun!

6. followed

6.1. This is a verb. Verbs express action or state of being.

6.1.1. "Followed" is a transitive verb in the past-tense. Transitive means that the verb has an object that receives its action.

7. me

7.1. This is a noun.

7.2. In this case, "me" is the object as it receives the action of being followed.

8. was

8.1. This is a verb.

8.1.1. "Was" is another past tense verb, but this one is a linking verb. Linking verbs connect the subject of a sentence to a noun or adjective that modify or rename the subject.

9. brown

9.1. This is an adjective.