The Mindset of GT Students

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The Mindset of GT Students by Mind Map: The Mindset of GT Students

1. It is this characteristic that can drive some teachers crazy when utilized in the classroom to the extent that assignments and projects are not completed, or completed in a timely manner. I have learned to monitor and guide if the perfectionist in the student is hindering performance, and that at times is not necessarily easy.

2. To me, GT students have the best sense of humor, and are very amusing conversationalists when employing it. Teachers should embrace, enjoy and participate in their students use of humor.

3. When students are laser focused or obsess on their interest to the exclusion of all other activities in their life, it can be something that is positive, or they may need some goals or direction to help channel their efforts.

4. When students chronological age and intellectual "age" is not the same I think teachers may tend to expect more from the student because of intellectual capabilities when in fact we must keep in mind behaviors that are characteristic of their chronological age and be able to meet their intellectual needs as well.

5. Intensity

6. Asynchrony

7. Attention to Detail

8. Sense of Humor