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AMMO Council by Mind Map: AMMO Council

1. Purpose

1.1. The purpose of Ammo Council is to produce longevity within Ammo by establishing an organized and functional council that will coordinate and execute various events to boost morale.

2. The Vision

2.1. A Morale Hub for Ammo

2.2. AMMO Newsletter

2.2.1. The Flame Content Announcements Birthdays Opportunities Distribution Email BAND Post on White Board

2.3. Ammo Awards

2.3.1. The Ammy's Hall of Flame Rockstar Rookie Chief's Award ETC

2.4. AMMO's

2.4.1. Ammo Monthly Morale Occasions September Volunteer Activities October Volunteer Activites November Volunteer Activities December Volunteer Activities

2.5. Fundraisers

2.5.1. Pie in the Eye

2.5.2. Breakfast Burritos

2.5.3. Casino Night

2.5.4. Beer Garden

2.5.5. Create an Ammo Coin

3. Forming the Council

3.1. Bylaws

3.1.1. Update Bylaws

3.2. Gathering Members

3.2.1. Interest Meeting

3.2.2. Host Elections