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Leadership by Mind Map: Leadership

1. Competency

1.1. personal characteristics that lead to superior performance in a leadership role

1.2. e.g. skills, knowledge, values, personality, Knowledge of the Business, Emotional Intelligence

2. Behavioral

2.1. Task

2.1.1. Assign specific tasks

2.1.2. Ensure employees follow rules

2.2. People

2.2.1. Showing mutual trust and respect

2.2.2. Concern for employee needs

3. Contingency

3.1. Effective leaders vary style with follower “readiness”

3.2. Leader styles – telling, selling, participating, and delegating

4. Transformational

4.1. Leading -- changing the organization to fit environment

4.2. Change agents

5. Definition

5.1. Leadership is the ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness of the organizations.