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(P) ADDIE (M) by Mind Map: (P) ADDIE (M)

1. (Plan)

1.1. Define project goals, project objectives, budget, and schedules

2. Analyze

2.1. Audit the audience, goals, training methodologies and media types to be used

2.1.1. Identify course goals The objective of the training The desired type of behavioral change The timeline for project completion

2.1.2. Conduct needs analysis What skills need to be learned? Who needs the training? Why do they need the training? When do they need to complete the training? How will the training be delivered?

3. Design

3.1. Make decisions on strategy, delivery methods, structure, duration, assessment, and feedback

3.1.1. Write learning objectives Enabling objectives (behavior, condition & standard) Terminal objectives (behavior, condition & standard)

3.1.2. Prepare cost benefit estimates Quantify costs and effort required for development, implementation, and evaluation stages

3.1.3. Determine training structure Format and mode of delivery Structure and sequence Duration and pace Administration requirements

3.1.4. Create lesson plans Identify learning activities and excercises to be used Identify assessment instruments Storyboard ideas and/or create a prototype Carry out initial testing

4. Develop

4.1. Create and assemble the course contents

4.1.1. Create materials Prepare draft materials and activities Add graphics, choose colors and decide on fonts Produce instructor training materials if needed

4.1.2. Test materials with target audience members Identify basic errors in materials (content) Identify user navigation issues (navigation) Revise, refine and produce materials and activities

5. Implement

5.1. Share course with learners (upload to Learning Management System)

5.1.1. Set up delivery options Who to & how to enroll, enrolled, how much time are they given, pass marks for assessments, collection of feedback

5.1.2. Conduct training Train facilitators on curriculum, learning outcomes, method of delivery, and testing procedures Train users on the technology used to deliver the training

5.1.3. Conduct pilot test Run pilot with s,mall group of target users

5.1.4. Monitor for issues Monitor once system is live

6. Evaluate

6.1. Get feedback on the course

6.1.1. Carry out formative evaluation Review cost, schedule, requirements, and risks at each step Make "go - no go" decisions must be made at each step Use 'rapid prototyping' particularly during Development phase

6.1.2. Conduct summative evaluation Survey of user experience/attitudes Did the participants react positively to the program? Did the participants learn the skills taught in the program? Did the participants' behavior on the job change as a result of the program? Did the change in behavior affect the organization positively?

6.1.3. Produce evaluation report Were the objectives met? Identify new training requirements Revise materials & content Suggest changes in media & tools

7. (Maintain)

7.1. Develop social media and web tools to support continuous educational development of users