We'd be the happiest team on earth if you became our new DevOps Engineer :) (click the arrow to...

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We'd be the happiest team on earth if you became our new DevOps Engineer :) (click the arrow to see the ad) by Mind Map: We'd be the happiest team on earth if you became our new  DevOps Engineer :)  (click the arrow to see the ad)

1. 2. SECONDARY BENEFITS If you decide that you'd like to work at one of these desks, here's a little more information on what you can expect after starting at Meister...

1.1. Your projects and opportunities

1.1.1. Vision Our vision is to make work fun for teams. That's why we provide them with the collaborative tools to work together both creatively and productively. Of course — having fun at work is an important internal value too! :)

1.1.2. Challenges We know you joined Meister because you'd like to make big things happen. Rest assured, at Meister you'll be given the autonomy, space and opportunity to work on challenging projects. You'll also get a Mentor, who will help guide you through your first few months. They'll show you how to set things up and help you get through your first few challenges.

1.1.3. Development opportunities Our goal is to provide the best productivity and collaboration tools on the market! That's a big goal. How do we hope to achieve it? We break it down into departmental goals and then further into individual goals. We'd like to challenge you. We'll work with you to identify your goals, and provide you with the opportunity to develop and grow. We do this by asking you what you need from our side? Would you like to take a course? Attend a conference? There are at least 2 feedback conversations per year where you'll have the opportunity to address these topics. We've created development paths for all departments, where you can visualize the process of moving from being a junior, to an intermediate, to eventually becoming a senior. Obviously, you can also move around between departments throughout your time with us.

1.2. Flexibility at the workplace

1.2.1. Time management Being out of your comfort zone can sometimes take its toll. We know that everyone needs time to recharge now and then. We'll give you this time AND it won't be counted as a break. Whether it be playing a round of pool, playstation or pingpong in Seattle, or chatting around the coffee machine, you are welcome to do so (within reason of course) — but overall we think this contributes to people connecting. Core working hours are from 10am to 4pm, that being said, your achievements count more than the hours. We'd much rather see your cool new project than count the time you spent in the office. There are no clock-watchers here :D You don't have to worry about working late or overtime. You are only obliged to work the hours outlined in your employment contract: - 38.5 hours in Vienna, and - 40 hours in Germany and the US This allows for nice work life balance :)

1.2.2. Your hardware and working from home For those days when you really need to concentrate on something without constant interruptions, or your little one has fallen ill or maybe the plumber needs to come. Sometimes life just happens. And for those times you'd be pleased to know that working from home is an option here at Meister. Please discuss it directly with your line manager. We're also flexible when it comes to the hardware you choose. We believe you work best with the things and operating systems you love using.

1.3. Health, Events and Transportation

1.3.1. Events Hackfest: Once a year (approximately) the entire company attends Hackfest. Our version of team-building (but more awesome!) This means three days in a hotel where we can focus on collaboration in the mornings and team activities in the afternoon. If you join our Seattle office, we will fly you to Austria once a year or more to connect with the team, transfer knowledge and do fun things together. In Vienna and in Seattle, we foster team work and collaboration by organizing fun events that we can all partake in together. From pub quizzes, a few after work beers to game nights - all part of the deal. Make work fun!

1.3.2. Health At the Vienna office, we offer complimentary Yoga class twice a week - so be sure to bring your your mat and sports clothes! We sponsor the runners among us in entering the Vienna City Marathon yearly. But, of course, sports are completely voluntary. Also in Vienna, standing desks! Say goodbye to back pain and hello to "oh I can stand and work". An office doctor visits us at least once a year to talk about potential health problems. From time to time Meister sponsors "random lunches" so that people from different departments have the opportunity to meet and get to know one another in a more informal setting. Moreover, each month we host a company breakfast. Different departments and teams have the opportunity to talk about projects that they are working on, things that are coming up and topics of interest. It gives us the opportunity connect and share knowledge. There's also free fruit, chocolate, coffee and tea in the offices, and beer from time to time :) We're a diverse workplace, with a fun mix of nationalities, life phases and orientations. Maybe our employee turnover is so low because everyone feels welcome...

1.3.3. Transportation Both offices are really centrally located. In Seattle we'll provide you with an additional ORCA Card so that you can to get to and from work each day. In Vienna, you can make use of our e-scooter and the office bike for breaks. The Vienna office also has a storage room for your personal bike should you want to ride that bike to work. And there's also a shower.

1.3.4. Legal note Please note that as much as we love providing all these peaks, they are not legally binding.

2. 3. GET IN TOUCH if you're interested :) PS. We can't wait to create your personal avatar!

2.1. Do you have any open questions? Feel free to get in touch with Lena: [email protected] 0043 664 134 5020

3. 1. INTRODUCTION Meister has a lot more to offer than just your regular employment contract and this mind map will tell you all about it...

3.1. This is us, the team. The MeisterLobsters. We're part of the deal. You'll love us.

3.2. Why MeisterLobsters? The original company name "MeisterLabs" got tweaked a little here and there. We also love to laugh at ourselves... :) More about us on Instagram... (click on the little arrow)